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Skills Shortages

Skills Shortages

Why talent, skills and strong performance, make more of an impact in smaller manufacturing businesses…

Critical Skills Shortages – The Problem and Potential Solutions for You

So What Exactly Do Engineers Want…?

Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs

Practical Advice and increasing your awareness of what's out there - making the skills shortage work for you

Job Search Sources 1: Technical Recruitment Agencies, Online Sources, Engineering Publications, Newspapers

Job Search Sources 2: Networking, Social Networking, Local Employers, How to Stay Positive, Getting into a Routine, Overqualified?

Match Your CV to the Advert, the Importance of Concrete Evidence and a Positive Outlook and Mind-set

CV Structure: What Sections and Why?

CV Technical Content: Great Ideas to Stand Out

CV Personal Statement, Keywords and Professional Style

Tailoring the Covering Letter and Marketing Yourself

The Importance of Thorough Research

Cover Letter Layout

Personal Style, Professional and Positive. Speculative Letters

How to Demonstrate you are Exceptional

How to Effectively Answer Interview Questions

Asking Questions: Your chance to impress

During the interview: This is your time

After the Interview: Feedback and Review

Go Find an Engineering Job

Your Engineering Career

Your Engineering Career

Career Planning Intro: Where Are You Now? – Time to Reflect

Setting Goals and Preparing for the Future

Professional Development in your Current Role

Get Organized and Get on: Life Long Learning

Improving your Personal Profile in the Work Place

Vocational Training Options for Small Manufacturers

Apprenticeships, Vocational Training Initiatives & Organisations 

Qualifications Advice: Introduction and Clear Explanation

Technical Qualifications: Personal and Business Benefits

Qualifications Explained 1: Intro, GCSE, A Level, NVQ

Qualifications Explained 2: HNC, HND, Foundation Degree, BSc, BEng, PgCert, PgDip and MEng

Qualifications Explained 3: MSc, MBA, MRes, MPhil, PhD and EngD

MSc v MBA: Choosing the More Appropriate Qualification for You

Engineering Careers - Academic and Vocational Routes

Professional Engineering Institutions: Purpose, Personal and Business Benefits, Selecting one (or more) best suited to You

Full List: Professional Institution Contact Details

Professional Registration: Chartered Engineer - CEng, Incorporated Engineer - IEng, Engineering Technician - EngTech

Engineering Publications and Media: Benefits and the Link to Career Opportunities

How to Get the most from Engineering Magazines - Quickly and Conveniently

Distinct Career Advantages of Reading Widely - Magazines and Online

Listed Engineering Journals, Magazines and online publications

Career Planner: A quick, convenient method of planning and recording career progress

The Career Planner 2: Using the Doc to drive success and achieve goals 

The Skills Chart System 1 : A simple system to closely align employee training to business skill gaps

The Skills Chart 2: Useful tips to drive skills and productivity improvements

The Skills Chart 3: How to rapidly draft procedures for process standardisation and training

The Skills Chart 4: Gaining the Benefits - Aligning skills, Process and Training Logs

Engineering Leadership and Management

Engineering Leadership and Management

Engineering Leadership: 8 Key Leadership Themes and Behaviours

Communication Skills: Effective Listening and Verbal Communication

Decision Making

Leadership and Teams: Inspiring others

Leadership Styles: Tailoring to the occasion

Practical Tips from Business and Public Leaders 1

Practical Tips from Business and Public Leaders 2

Practical Tips from Business and Public Leaders 3 

People Management and Strong Communication Skills

Negotiation and Persuasion, inc Making Proposals

Conflict Management


Coaching, inc the GROW model

Effective Teamwork

Performance Management

People Management Practical Tips: How to do it…

Networking Introduction: A Powerful Career Tool 

How to Connect with People Quickly: Practical Tips

Networking Personal Styles: Learn from others whilst Developing Yours

How to get the most out of networking: Start Now!

Social Networking

Public Speaking: Essentials of an Effective Speaker and an Excellent Speech

What to Avoid in a Speech

The Importance of Speech Preparation and Practice

Getting over Anxiety - Personal Speech Preparation

Project Management - the Basics: The Art of Getting Things Done!

Starting the Project: Project Initiation, Planning, Objectives, Scope and Costs

Project Planning Documents: Risks, Communication, Finance, Schedule, Quality and Resource

Executing the Project - Getting on with it! 1

Executing the Project - Getting on with it! 2

Project Procedures and Process: Make them scalable and tailor them to your needs

So you want to be a Project Manager?

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