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Engineering Magazine Advantages

Distinct Career Advantages of Reading Widely - Magazines and Online

Career Management for Engineers

Engineering Magazine Advantages

Listed below are the practical benefits technical publications can bring you, your colleagues and your company.

  • Engineers can obtain knowledge about a huge selection of products and services advertised in the publication. Primary information is often available from the advert. Secondary data can then be followed up via a website. This is invaluable material for design engineers and those seeking engineering services.

  • Engineering magazine advantages include stories and news about the availability of new or emerging technologies and their application, with practical examples and real life applications.

  • Information is often published about novel or emergent materials and their applications. The same applies to manufacturing processes, for example 3D printing

  • Results of surveys and opinions are published revealing industry trends. Readers can take part in surveys and market research, as well as see results.

  • Training advice, short courses and conferences are publicised. These are a great opportunity for networking.

  • Likewise, a variety of qualifications are advertised. Many are postgraduate and research courses which will increase your employability. Qualification examples include PgCert, PgDip, MSc, MEng, MBA, EngD and PhD.

  • In addition vocational courses, short courses, online distance learning and other forms of training are widely advertised.

  • Recommended technical books and further reference reading are sometimes listed.

  • Other engineering magazine advantages include the ability for Readers to download free papers and reports

  • Software version releases are often previewed and evaluated. This is important for many businesses who may be weighing up this type of investment. Considerations may include the value of the commercial advantages versus the total cost of an upgrade or new investment.

  • Product and service comparison charts are sometimes included. These enable engineers to independently evaluate the pros and cons of a variety of suppliers before purchasing.

  • Technical publications are excellent places to advertise your company’s products or services.

  • Requesting more information about a product or service is hassle-free and convenient.

  • Jobs are advertised for a broad range of industry sectors. With magazines, the job section tends to be near the back. On the web enter specific data to narrow the search for the jobs most suited to you. Job description, location, salary and contact details are all supplied.

  • For job seekers the recruitment section is ideal for obtaining the details for a number of technical recruitment agencies, who can then be searched quickly and conveniently online.

  • Further engineering magazine advantages include the frequent advertisement of relevant exhibitions, seminars and events.

  • News and stories from a variety of industry sectors are included to broaden your overall knowledge.

  • The latest news on big contracts and potential orders are commonly included.

  • Letters and comments about topical issues in manufacturing industry often feature.

  • Most magazines are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, enabling you to read and digest the information at your leisure.


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engineering magazine advantages

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