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SME Manufacturing Best Practices

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Step-by-Step Implementation Improvement Plans Lean Manufacturing, CAD Engineering & Product Development

SME Manufacturing Best Practices

If you need to-the-point, direct improvement instructions, you've come to the right place. Could your manufacturing SME or small design business benefit from better ways of doing things? Most could. The problem is often time is scarce and sometimes the expertise simply isn't there. Regardless of your industry sector, many problems are common.

Well we understand this. In response we have put together step-by-step instructions to help implement business improvements in a straightforward way. This targeted, highly effective information is drawn from SME manufacturing best practices and proven material featured on this site. Topics covered include...

  • Lean Manufacturing Implementation
  • Engineering Product Development Implementation 
  • CAD Engineering Best Practice Implementation

For you it's about the convenience of getting things done. There are links to background information on the site if you need to know more. But first and foremost the step-by-step format featured here keeps things succinct, focused and ready for implementation.

The benefits are there for the taking for your small business. Why not give it a go...?

Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Quite simply, the Ideal Guide to 'Lean' for Small Manufacturers' eager to get on and rapidly apply the techniques used by the best performing businesses

  1. Be clear about your objectives. Gain commitment from senior management with a clear vision and plan
  2. Clearly align the plan to business objectives
  3. Get somebody with energy to drive things forward
  4. Assess where you currently are
  5. Inform the team and train thoroughly
  6. Apply Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques
  7. Rollout and implementation
  8. Encourage the right culture
  9. The importance of communication
  10. Supplier and customer involvement
  11. Successfully answering the ‘Buy v Make’ question
  12. Automation: Big benefits through modernisation  
  13. Kaizen – continuous improvement

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Plan: Click Here

Numbered stages are expanded and explained. Make it Happen Now - Get it Done!

Product Development Implementation

A Comprehensive, yet Practical Guide to Developing Great Engineering Products: Ideal for Engineers or Small Manufacturers

  1. Educate Yourself! - Clearly understand how product development can significantly benefit your business. Align it to business objectives
  2. Gain commitment from senior management with a clear vision and plan
  3. Understand how a tailored product development process should apply to you
  4. Product Development, Driven by Business Strategy
  5. Specification and Requirements (inc. Systems Engineering)
  6. Concept Design
  7. Embodiment Design
  8. Detailed Design
  9. Engineering Design for Manufacture and Assembly
  10. Product Launch and Process Review
  11. What the Best Performing Manufacturers do – Top Tips
  12. Business Context: Budgets and Costs
  13. Big benefits ‘Designers’ can add to the product development process
  14. Need to know info – Intellectual Property, R&D and Innovation

Product Development Implementation Plan: Click Here

Numbered stages are expanded and explained. Make it Happen Now - Get it Done!

CAD Engineering 


Unleashing the full functionality of 3D CAD to deliver engineering benefits to small manufacturers, typically enjoyed by larger firms. 

Step-change improvements to all your engineering business teams, from design, CAM, production and beyond... 

  1. Learn the Facts! - Clearly understand how 3D CAD is making a big difference to small manufacturing businesses just like yours
  2. Understand the corporate, design and analysis benefits of 3D CAD
  3. Comprehend the manufacturing, marketing and after-sales advantages
  4. Senior management backing and alignment to business objectives
  5. Key drivers for adopting 3D CAD and overcoming common barriers
  6. Tailoring the Justification to Your Business: Quantify wherever Possible
  7. CAD Software Evaluation and Selection
  8. 3D CAD Implementation – Stage 1
  9. 3D CAD Implementation – Stage 2
  10. 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

CAD Engineering Implementation Plan: Click Here

Numbered stages are expanded and explained. Make it Happen Now - Get it Done!

SME Manufacturing Best Practices