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So What Do Engineers Want…?

A Wish List of the Key Things Engineers Desire in Their Ideal Role

So What Do Engineers Want…?

To be More Effective in their Job and Profession…. In short, to be better Engineers

  • To grow and thrive as engineers, getting greater satisfaction and earning more.
  • To add value, make a big contribution and get noticed in their organization.
  • To do what the big boys are doing – make yourself employable to larger blue-chip manufacturing companies.
  • Engineers want deeper, more specialist technical knowledge. They want to be able to communicate with others with complementary skills.
  • Modern skills to remain competitive and relevant.
  • To just get on and design, manufacture or provide a service… whatever their core function is.

Training and Advice

  • They want logical ‘no-nonsense’ advice – easy to read and simple to understand.
  • A convenient source of info they can ‘dip in and out of’ when they need to.
  • Powerful information to get that ideal job.
  • Access to training and ways of boosting their employability.
  • Clarity about the myriad of training options, so they can compare and make informed choices for themselves and their staff.
  • Straightforward info to get over procrastination – to get things done and make things happen in their small businesses.
  • Engineers are very good at their jobs – but some need help improving, taking opportunities and guidance to do things differently.


Better Integration into the Business

  • How to better manage and lead – especially techies who have been promoted.
  • Info about how to communicate more effectively with employees from other technical and business disciplines.
  • How to be more rounded with broader skills, not just technical specialists.


Personal Reasons

  • They want to be respected, acknowledged and recognized as ‘real engineers’.
  • Impress other engineers with their superior knowledge (if they are honest)!
  • Mix and blend engineering and web-based technologies, to exploit new areas
  • Insurance against retiring engineers – identifying new skills to bring into the business.


OK, so how do you get a better paid, more satisfactory job you deserve? Alternatively, how do you truly understand what recruiting manufacturers are looking for, to beat your rivals? Or finally how do actively get on and plug those skill gaps holding your business back?

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