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Familiar Frustrations with Traditional Training Solutions

Familiar Frustrations Traditional Training

Familiar Frustrations Traditional Training Solutions...

Have you ever questioned the value of training you have received? Did it fundamentally transform the way you worked – or was it quickly lost when you returned to business-as-usual at work? What was the cost? If asked, could you prove the cash value it added to the company?

What about business improvement initiatives?  Again what was the cost and what was the value to the firm? While we’re at it, what’s your opinion of consultants – again cost and value? Unfortunately many of these traditional solutions only deliver limited results primarily because of one reason ….

Not enough emphasis has been placed on making the solution as easy as possible to implement back in the workplace

It is critical to address this if all these solutions are to yield any significant benefits. This is one of the reasons why many in manufacturing claim “it sounds good but it would never work at our company”. Not surprisingly many have grown sceptical about the traditional solutions on offer.

Two critical points have been demonstrated by our research:

For small manufacturers every penny counts; Any cash spent on training or improvement must yield maximum value for money….

For many cash flow is tight, there are no spare staff, there’s limited time to try new initiatives and the emphasis is very much on core business. Because of this: 

Small Manufacturers urgently need to see results quickly….

What’s more, improvement ideas are far more likely to be relevant, take root and be sustained if they are driven internally by staff. After all they know the business the best, understand its culture and needs, as well as having a collective vested interest in success because their livelihoods depend on it. Indeed, to verify this a recent report by the Government Department for Business Innovation & Skills concluded...

“we need to focus on encouraging SMEs to develop their internal capability to use knowledge and resources effectively in order to successfully navigate the path to growth…”

In response to this we have developed a solution tailored to the needs of engineering, design and manufacturing companies, particularly small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We have focused on straightforward implementation in the workplace, directly meeting the challenges set out in reputable official reports, as well as addressing the shortfalls of current solutions in the market place (short courses, some in-house consultants and reference books).

Importantly, we have paid particular attention to the needs of the companies themselves, and their employees - like you.

Consider these traditional solutions and related issues…

  • Are you often disappointed with conventional short courses?
  • Have you had poor results from consultants, as well as finding them disruptive?
  • Do reference texts and books often sit on shelves gathering dust?
  • Are the solutions offered above often too bureaucratic, academic and unpractical? Consequently are they unlikely to be adopted by your staff and colleagues?
  • Is it often difficult to find genuinely useful information to assist your design development and production processes, as well as boost employee morale?
  • Do your staff skill levels, training and career development require a boost?

Do any of the above sound familiar? We thought so. Subsequently we made it our business to address these problems.

In addition, other related and important themes are examining below. Let’s look at some of these traditional sources in a bit more detail. In order to develop a concept that really works, it is necessary to understand what specifically doesn’t work about solutions currently on offer. Together, these start to form part of the solution to the frustrations above.

Finally, there are modern and more relevant methods we can use to truly develop a training solution that works for engineers like you, in manufacturing businesses like yours. Ultimately it’s all about maximising your chances of success.

Familiar Frustrations Traditional Training

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