Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Call for Case Studies! Time to Tell Your Engineering Success Story... Advice Manufacturing Case Studies

Call for Case Studies!

Time to Tell Your Engineering Success Story...

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies

Call for Case Studies... 

Have you got a Lean Manufacturing, Engineering Product Development or CAD success story you are willing to share?

Why not share your engineering good news scoop here?

Advice Manufacturing needs your help! We are eager to showcase…

  • Short videos, fit for YouTube – why not use your mobile phone?
  • Images and photos
  • Descriptions, stories and comments

In short, case study material that showcases your success stories

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies...

What’s in it for You? 

  • Share your success stories - real life examples that have delivered tangible benefits

  • Free publicity for your business – get the recognition you deserve

  • Inspire others! An opportunity to demo great ideas, straight from the workplace

  • Market your business as one that’s professional, modern and gearing up for the future. It’s your chance to showcase proven successes that actually work

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies...

Why?...What’s the Purpose?

Well, this is what Advice Manufacturing is all about. It supports our key principles. Namely, helping small manufacturers' to dramatically improve by tailoring what the best performers do, to your business.  Case Studies, showing Demos and describing examples are a key part of this. It’s an opportunity for others to learn and apply great ideas that work. There’s no better way to embed knowledge than demonstrating what improvement actually looks like in the workplace.

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies...

Things You may want to Consider?

Essentially anything that demonstrates improvements, best practices or simply good ideas that work - all great case study examples. Lean manufacturing and design engineering examples that showcase real life improvements leading to tangible benefits. For specific clues see the 3 ‘Essential Sections’ - Lean Manufacturing, Product Development and CAD Engineering. We don’t want to be too prescriptive but some useful tips include…

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies...

Short Videos

  • Ideally less than 10 minutes

  • Highlighting best practices that work for you

  • You may want to feature ordinary people talking through what they did to make the change – step-by-step

  • Clearly illustrate the impact of your efforts and the benefits

  • Hints or tips about what others could learn from the experience

  • Show detail and explain specifically and clearly how progress has been made

  • Point out what you would do differently if you had to do the activity again

Digital Images and Photos

  • Before and after images, to really illustrate the improvements

  • Consider images with leader lines and labels, highlighting key improvement features

  • Consider using information from the ‘3 Essentials Sections’ to help label images

  • Lean factories, production cells and work stations

  • Automated production in small manufacturing businesses

  • Strong examples of good practices in engineering product development

  • What ‘good’ looks like with CAD Engineering and it’s derived technologies

Descriptions, Stories and Comments

  • Brief descriptions of your journey to improve your manufacturing and product development processes

  • If possible, start with what the problem was. Then explain what you did. Follow this up with a clear description of the outcome and the benefits

  • A description of what worked well and what didn’t

  • Reasons why you felt you had to change… and the consequences if you hadn’t?

  • How you solved problems and overcame issues?

  • The human element – how you brought your people along with you?

  • Describe your processes and what role effective communication plays

  • What’s your experience with the extended enterprise – partners, suppliers and customers?

  • Why not use the opportunity to pose questions and collaboratively solve problems with other visitors to our site?

Advice Manufacturing Case Studies

Hopefully the hints and tips above can get you thinking. Why not assign it as somebody’s small project? Case Studies and demos represent some of the best ways of getting proven ideas and examples out there.  Why not give it a go? Whether it’s a short video, photo or comments, your contribution would be greatly appreciated; getting you deserved recognition and helping others improve.

This is your chance to tell your story…

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