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Sites That Matter! 

Advice Manufacturing Sites That Matter...

Take a look at this range of hand-picked websites that come highly recommended to provide expertise vital to design and manufacturing success. They are ideal for small manufacturing businesses and engineers eager to quickly and conveniently access the information they need. Take a look around...

An online CAD community where CAD users can view, upload and share files easily. GradCAD is cloud-based, removing the hassle and cost tradionally associated with CAD file product data management (PDM). Features include vast libraries of parts and products, tutorials and collaborative team online working from multple CAD stations.

A comprehensive website covering every aspect of mahining technology, from a practical perspective. Includes wide-ranging forums, articles, videos and classified advertising. Ideal for practical hands-on technicians and engineers, as well as those running machine and job shops. Solve technical problems, find tips for improvement and get on.

A very useful site for ordering numerous manufacturing charts and templates to assist, improve and professionalize your day to day manufacturing operations. All charts, manufacturing templates and statistical analysis tools have been produced by a practicing Manufacturing Engineer on Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF templates for ease of use and implementation.

All that needs to be done is to enter in the key information on the templates to have ready to use production charts and solutions in minutes. No need to buy a total package, just select the templates that you need, easy.

Topics covered include lean manufacturing, problem solving and process planning templates. Others include product development, H&S, statistical analysis, quality, six sigma and many more. Search for the one applicable to your programme. brings the most influential voices in engineering to a worldwide audience of engineers. Stories are informative, inspiring and entertaining. offers videos, mobile apps, library resources and directories.

Mr Pete: Machine shop techniques and practical metal working, conveniently arranged as a huge selection of You Tube videos. Practical hands-on explanation of machining best practices. A great training aid to increase skills, set out in a simple to understand, patient way. 

MWP advanced manufacturing – The online and magazine resource for today’s production and manufacturing engineer, whether it be business news or emerging technologies, updates on products and services or production installations, management and technology features, or notification of exhibitions, conferences and open house events. The guiding principle is fast delivery of information, because what hasn't changed is that busy production engineers want to be pointed towards what's relevant to them, as quickly as possible.

A comprehensive CAD resource offering a huge range of benefits to CAD users. Features include assistance and tips for all major CAD titles, as well as CAD hardware, jobs and prototype parts. Additionally see forums for the wealth of others' experiences or post your own ideas. Site also includes CAD industry news from a range of credible sources.

The Complete Lean Shop is ideal for engineers, technicians and others interested in bringing lean cost saving measures to manufacturing and other applicable working environments. They have identified and sourced the best products from around the world to make sure that anything related to lean can be found on their website in the one spot.

A highly informative website covering a range of industry features to assist manufacturers and engineers. Whether you are after informative stories from industry, case studies or practical help to make improvements on the ground, Industry Week has something for you. Areas covered include supply chain, technology, leadership, innovation and workforce. The website is updated frequently and is definitely worth a look.

Made Here Now tells the story of modern-day industry through a series of articles, stunning pictures and video on four exemplar companies.

AES, Bentley Motors, Plessey Semiconductors and FormFormForm have opened their factories to give leading authors and photographers the chance to explore their shopfloors and discover innovations, new technologies, skills and opportunities and create a picture of how they are shaping future developments.

A total of 46 organisations have already backed the website, which is setting out to educate young people on the career opportunities in manufacturing, influence academics and politicians and change perceptions of the nation’s industrial strengths. More...

This is Engineering by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Engineering is an exciting, varied and rewarding career, and yet the UK has a shortage of young people applying for engineering courses and engineering jobs. One of the prime reasons for this shortage is that many people hold outdated views of what engineering is, and what engineers do.

This is Engineering challenges those misconceptions, by presenting a positive image of modern engineering. Through real young engineers it illustrates how engineering is behind many of the things they are already interested in – sport, fashion and tech for example – and that they can follow what they love into engineering, and in doing so help shape the future. More...

The Engineering Training Center is designed to be an easy-to-use resource for bringing vendors and professionals together. It offers books, seminars, CDs, audio conferences, events, and other products and services. The Engineering Training Center supports the “Life Cycle” of your career. 

We offer licensing or schooling to get you into your profession, Continuing Education to help maintain your license(s), Certification or Designation courses to enhance and propel your career, and a large amount of professional development products and services to help you do your job better, improve your productivity, keep you in compliance with mandated rules and regulations, and/or increase your sales and profits. More...

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Manufacturing team helps manufacturers to innovate, and innovators to manufacture. This includes, in particular, helping manufacturers to improve their processes (eg. via digital or additive manufacturing). We do this by connecting – to the right partners and the right funding channels from Innovate UK and other funding sources.

We are driven by the needs of the individual manufacturer and make these connections on an impartial basis, based upon great subject knowledge allied with unparalleled knowledge of the innovationlandscape in the UK and abroad. More...