Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Helping Your Manufacturing Business Thrive:

Helping Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing Revival? Less talk, more action…

Manufacturing is at the heart of the drive to rebalance the economy. Small engineering firms are the lifeblood of manufacturing. Yet, you know how tough trading conditions are for small manufacturing businesses.

The recession has ruthlessly weeded out many, leaving some of those who remain, leaner, hungrier and in a better position to compete. Some are quietly optimistic, with hopes of investing and building skills when the time is right. The question is, how are YOU going to meet the challenge and benefit from the opportunities?

What’s more, customers are demanding better quality and quicker delivery, whilst paying less. Few small businesses can afford to shovel more resources in, to make this happen. Instead what’s needed is a different way of doing things – a new approach that enables you to get more for less.

This is where Advice Manufacturing excels. We offer a refreshing, innovative and genuinely user-friendly solution, offering real hands-on help and practical advice – more so than some conventional short courses and in-house consultancy services. Our aim is to supply you with the knowledge, practical know-how and skills necessary to confidently meet the challenges facing manufacturing industry.

It’s all about a ruthless focus on getting things done - making things happen. Step-by-step application in the workplace, with ideas, advice and suggestions tailorable to you.

Key to this is using the web and digital media, to take the mystique out of how the best manufacturers apply world class product development and production techniques, to make great products, at a profit.

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'Helping your manufacturing business...'

So you think you've heard this before?

Answers for the Sceptics... 

'Helping your manufacturing business?' may think you’ve tried aspects of this before?  Have you tried production improvement initiatives and perhaps had them fade and eventually stop, partly because they weren’t structured and implemented in a sustainable way? Or maybe you have had consultants come in and draw some conclusions that in your heart-of-hearts, you already knew? Or even worse they didn’t stick around to see full implementation, but that’s OK because you’ve got an expensive fat report full of recommendations gathering dust on your shelf(!)

Well consider these few points…

  • Things have moved on! Knowledge and expertise has increased and importantly, methods of applying best practices have evolved. Proven ways of implementing good ideas are better than ever. Much has been learned and you can now benefit directly from this.

  • The solution and approach we offer is different to the common types of assistance out there. We’ve looked at what small manufacturers actually want, together with the failings of traditional solutions.

  • The entire focus of Advice Manufacture is Helping Your Manufacturing Businesses - especially small businesses. As such, everything is geared towards those with little time, scarce resources, few staff and perhaps little knowledge. Keeping things simple and getting things done – twin ideas fundamental to our solutions.

  • All advice is designed to be tailored to your unique set of circumstances. Hints, tips and guidance are set out, with suggestions and questions to get you thinking about the best way to implement ideas in your place of work.

  • So how about giving it a go? Have a look around the website and see what you think. Do any of these ring a bell with you?

  • Do you want to find out more, perhaps after initially hearing about some of these ideas?

  • Do you want to ‘top up’ skills with a refresher, having undertaken some initial training? 

  • Do you want to maintain improvement activities, perhaps having been visited by a consultant or following classroom-based training?

  • Do you need the necessary flexibility to implement improvements ‘a bit at a time’ – as the reality is not all the resources are available now?  Also, for you any improvements have to fit around surges in demand and day-to-day activities, much as we’d like to stop everything now and indulge.

  • In response to ‘thanks, but we’ve tried that before’, there is a real need to remain competitive. Higher productivity, lower cost processes and innovative, high skilled staff all contribute to this.  Sadly, there are plenty of example of industries that didn’t evolve and are now consigned to the history books.

  • Progressive, forward thinking small manufacturers’ realise this and understand they must do something to remain competitive, but often haven’t got the time, resources and sometimes the knowhow of the larger organisations. This is where Advice Manufacturing comes into play. It has been developed for exactly these businesses.

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