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We’re all familiar with the daily problems that can quickly mount up working in small engineering businesses. Be they technical or the day-to-day running issues like cash-flow, schedules, suppliers or skills...

Whether you are keen to improve your small manufacturing business or an engineer looking for that bit of help at work and eager to get on in your career - you've come to the right place. Here you’ll find the practical advice to get in control, get organized and get it done. How? By doing what the best performing manufacturers and engineers do, yet tailoring it to you...

It’s all about a ruthless focus on getting things done. Step-by-step application in the workplace, with ideas, manufacturing advice and suggestions ready to be tailored to your unique needs – that’s our vision and our passion. 

Now, you don’t need reminding how incredibility busy engineers and small manufacturers are with day-to-day business. That’s why our emphasis is always on convenience, doing what works and getting results quickly – there’s simply no time for messing about! On that note, here’s what we can do for you…

  • Professionalise your business, make more money, thrive and grow
  • Dramatic reductions in waste, lead-times and costs by doing what the best do
  • Significant productivity improvements by applying lean manufacturing methods
  • Better motivated staff and increased morale, through personal engagement 
  • Delight your customers with high quality, great service and on-time delivery 
  • Much better cash-flow and profitability, with time to plan, rest and enjoy it!
  • Combat the skills shortage! Identify and get the skills you and your people need
  • Really add value. Only focus on what matters. Get yourself organised and get on 

OK, sounds too good to be true? Here’s how we help you make it a reality…

  • Powerful FREE Advice: Huge amounts of info for step-change improvements
  • Practical Help: Hands-on-help for manufacturing, product development and CAD
  • People Focussed: Develop expertise and leadership to identify & solve problems
  • Career and Jobs: The best advice to develop yourself and earn more money
  • Examples and Demos: Proven ideas that work. The result of thorough research
  • Access for All: No fee or initial consultation. Dip in and out at your convenience.
  • Relentless Focus on Results: You’re simply too busy to worry about the rest.
  • Common Sense, Hassle-free Application: Straight talking, step-by-step plans
  • Hints, Tips and Advice: Guides, online resources, through to detailed assistance
  • Tailored to You: Emphasis on creatively tailoring advice to your unique situation

If this resonates with you in any way, click on one of the areas below. We’ve got a vast array of invaluable info, on a broad range of technical topics. It’s well worth a look around – why not? You’ve nothing to lose…

Make it happen!

Do what the best manufacturers do, yet tailor it to you...

Why is it Essential? Answers to the Issues Engineers’ Face

Traditional Problems and what’s gone into our solution…

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you often disappointed with conventional short courses – great in the classroom, yet forgotten back at work?
  • Have you had poor results from some consultants, as well as finding them disruptive?
  • Do reference texts and books often sit on shelves gathering dust?
  • Are the solutions offered above often too bureaucratic, academic and unpractical? Consequently, are they unlikely to be adopted by you and your colleagues?
  • Do your own and your employees’ skill levels, training and career development require a boost – both to up-skill, but increasingly to retain good people?
  • Is it often difficult to find genuinely useful, ‘ready to implement’ manufacturing advice, to assist your design development and production processes, as well as boost employee morale?

Do any of the above sound familiar? We thought so. Subsequently, we made it our business to address these problems. Here are the considerations that have gone into our solution…

  • Examining what the most successful design engineering and manufacturing companies do to achieve great results.
  • Years of practical, hands-on experience in a range of industries, including input from an ever-increasing network of experts.
  • Extensive research into successful industrial practices, techniques, processes and systems, which genuinely deliver and ultimately work.
  • A continual focus on practical application, user-friendliness and keeping it simple. Everything is geared towards straightforward implementation in the workplace.
  • Tracking trends, reports and surveys, identifying the specific needs of manufacturing organisations.
  • Identifying and understanding why traditional solutions often only have limited success. Then proposing a fresh approach, tailored to the unique needs of small manufacturing businesses.

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See how it's possible to improve your small technical business or your own career with straightforward, tangible help

Answers to the Issues—Real Hands-on Help…

OK, so the problems are well documented and verified with studies and reports from various reputable sources. In response, there are a number of training companies and government backed initiatives offering manufacturing advice. No doubt you or your colleagues have been on short courses targeted at your industry sector. Unfortunately many only deliver limited results, primarily because of one reason … 

Not enough emphasis has been placed on making the solution as easy as possible to implement back in the workplace…

It is critical to address this, if all these solutions are to yield any significant benefits. This is the fundamental reason why many in industry claim ‘it sounds good but it would never work at our place’. Not surprisingly, many have grown sceptical about the traditional solutions on offer. In addition to this, two other critical points have been demonstrated by our research:

For Small Manufacturers, every penny counts. Any cash spent on training or improvement must yield maximum value for money…

For many, cash flow is tight, there are no spare staff, there‘s limited time to try new initiatives and the emphasis is very much on core business. Because of this:

Small Manufacturers urgently need to see results quickly…

What‘s more, manufacturing advice and ideas are far more likely to be relevant, take root and be sustained for the long-term, if they are driven internally by employees. After all they know the business the best, understand it‘s needs and have a collective vested interest in success because their livelihoods depend on it. Indeed, to verify this, a recent report by the Government Department for Business Innovation & Skills concluded ‘we need to focus on encouraging SMEs to develop their internal capability to use knowledge and resources effectively, in order to successfully navigate the path to growth…

In response to this, we have developed a solution tailored to the needs of small manufacturing businesses, with a relentless focus on step-by-step implementation, solving common problems and addressing the shortfalls of traditional solutions. We keep it simple and focus on getting things done.

So who is our manufacturing advice designed to help…?

  • Small manufacturing businesses (all industry sectors)
  • Engineering and R&D start-ups
  • Micro businesses of 1-10 employees
  • Medium-sized engineering organisations
  • Owner-managers of machine shops and job shops
  • Consultants - Manufacturing Advice and Product Development
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Apprentices and Graduate Engineers starting their careers
  • Tier 2, 3 and 4 businesses in the manufacturing Supply Chain

 Roles of those who benefit the most…?

  • Engineers at all levels
  • Production and Manufacturing Engineers
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Product and Industrial Designers
  • Technicians and Contractors
  • Graduate Engineers and Apprentices
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • Engineering Managers
  • Operations and Production Managers
  • Technical and Operations Directors 
  • Owners and Directors of Small Manufacturing Businesses 

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Want to discover more about our Manufacturing Advice? Why not download our FREE report for more great hints, tips and guidance, written especially for small manufacturers and engineers.

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