Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Engineering Career Coaching Your chance to be the best possible engineer you can be, with clarity, goals and the execution of a step-by-step plan Reasons why YOU should try our Inspirational Personal Coaching Service...

Engineering Career Coaching

Your chance to be the best possible engineer you can be, with clarity, goals and the execution of a step-by-step plan

Reasons why YOU should try our Inspirational Personal Coaching Service...

Engineering Career Coaching.... So, why Do It? What's in it for You?

Engineering career coaching enables you to be the best you can be, both in your role now, and in your career in the long term. Coaching is all about realising your potential, by looking at things more broadly and gleaning from others' experiences, to fast-track your own progress. I offer a personalised engineering career coaching plan to help you do just that.

Coaches operate in virtually all professions, yet are probably best known in the fields of entertainment and sport. For engineers, coaching provides the ideas, the confidence, and the plan to help you get maximum success from your chosen vocation. Wherever you are in your career, you can only gain.

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Engineering Career Coaching - Personal Benefits for you...

  • The ability to earn more through new roles and a better job
  • Gain promotion at your existing place of work
  • The confidence to seek out and go for new opportunities. Never be out of work.
  • The ability to network naturally and make more industry contacts
  • Greater satisfaction at work and be more productive
  • Obtain skills to compliment your engineering expertise, such as effective communication, people management and leadership
  • Become more knowledgeable, better respected and recognised by your peers
  • Build the skills to become an exceptional engineering manager, establish yourself as a contractor or even start your own small technical business

Engineering Career Coaching.... So who's it for?

Engineers and technical professionals at any stage of their career can benefit from coaching. Examples include...

  • Trainees and graduates going for their first job, yet lacking in the experience many employers demand
  • Young engineers who are employed in relatively junior roles, yet are eager to rapidly progress their careers
  • More experienced engineers stuck in a rut, who perhaps need the confidence and plan to make that step up to the next level
  • Engineers who need the complimentary management skills either to progress, or because they have been asked to take on a more senior role overseeing others.
  • Those looking to modernise their engineering expertise, as digital manufacturing continues to revolutionise industry and employers demand people with the right skills. 
  • All engineers thinking about their next role, whether that's a promotion, new job or perhaps starting up on their own.

Your Personal Engineering Career Coaching Service - What I'm Offering...

  • A personalised coaching service with specific targeted advice
  • A friendly approach, that takes into account your ambitions, strengths and areas where you may need development
  • New ideas, fresh thinking and a structured personal plan with step-by-step objectives and a time-line

Now, as engineering career coaching is a personal 1-2-1 service, there are limits to the numbers I can take on. Don't miss out. Get in contact now and book your place by clicking one of the green buttons on this page. 

Mark Lynch - Your Personal Engineering Career Coaching Specialist

So, who am I? Click here to find out a bit about me and my credentials, and how I can use my experience, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your aspirations. Additionally, all the content of this website, personally written by me, gives you a further insight into how I can help you.

Typical Areas Covered in Previous Sessions...

Career Coaching, Skills, Training, Qualifications and Professional Registration

  • Career Planning Intro: Where Are You Now? – Time to Reflect
  • Setting Goals and Preparing for the Future
  • Professional Development in your Current Role
  • Get Organized and Get on: Life Long Learning
  • Improving your Personal Profile in the Work Place
  • Engineering Careers - Academic and Vocational Routes
  • Apprenticeships, Vocational Training Initiatives and Organisations
  • Technical Qualifications: Personal and Business Benefits
  • Post-Graduate Qualifications
  • Masters versus MBA: Choosing the More Appropriate Qualification for You
  • Professional Engineering Institutions: Purpose, Personal and Business Benefits, Selecting one (or more) best suited to You
  • Professional Registration: Chartered Engineer - CEng, Incorporated Engineer - IEng, Engineering Technician - EngTech

Sourcing and Securing Your Ideal Job - It works because it's based on what Technical Businesses want...

  • Technical Recruitment Tricks and Tips - making the skills shortage work for you
  • Job Search Sources: Technical Recruitment Agencies, Online Sources, Engineering Publications, Newspapers
  • Job Search Sources: Networking, Social Networking, Local Employers, How to Stay Positive, Getting into a Routine, Overqualified?
  • Match Your CV to the Advert, the Importance of Concrete Evidence and a Positive Outlook and Mind-set 
  • CV Structure: What Sections and Why?
  • CV Technical Content: Great Ideas to Stand Out
  • CV Personal Statement, Keywords and Professional Style
  • Tailoring the Covering Letter and Marketing Yourself
  • How to Demonstrate you are Exceptional
  • How to Effectively Answer Interview Questions
  • Asking Questions: Your chance to impress
  • During the interview: This is your time
  • After the Interview: Feedback and Review

How to be an Exceptional Engineering Manager and Leader...

  • Engineering Leadership: 8 Key Leadership Themes and Behaviours
  • Communication Skills: Effective Listening and Verbal Communication
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Leadership and Teams: Inspiring others
  • Leadership Styles: Tailoring to the occasion
  • People Management Practical Tips: How to do it…
  • Negotiation and Persuasion, inc Making Proposals
  • Conflict Management 
  • Mentoring
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Performance Management
  • Networking Introduction: A Powerful Career Tool
  • Networking Personal Styles: Learn from others whilst Developing Yours
  • How to get the most out of networking: Start Now!
  • Public Speaking: Essentials of an Effective Speaker and an Excellent Speech
  • What to Avoid in a Speech
  • The Importance of Speech Preparation and Practice
  • Getting over Anxiety - Personal Speech Preparation
  • So you want to be an Engineering Project Manager?

Engineering Career Coaching

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