Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Affordable, Convenient, Hassle-Free Help Designed for Hard-Pressed Small Manufacturers and Engineers Short on Time Hassle-Free Help Engineering

Affordable, Convenient, Hassle-Free Help

Designed for Hard-Pressed Small Manufacturers and Engineers Short on Time

Hassle-Free Help Engineering


Hassle-Free Help Engineering...

Just getting on with the day-to-day stuff is tough enough, let alone trying to improve what you do. In response to this, what we offer is affordable, convenient, hassle-free help, designed especially for small manufacturers and hard-pressed engineers.

This is what’s on offer…

  • Information to genuinely improve the way you design and manufacture products
  • User-friendly, simple to apply, quick and easy to implement
  • Advice to improve your employability and staff skill levels
  • Quick access to a vast array of expert advice
  • Free access or very low cost. You cannot spend a training budget in a better way!

Let’s take a look at some of these in a bit more detail…

Hassle-Free Help Engineering...

Hassle-Free Help... Information to genuinely improve the way you design and manufacture products 

  • Common sense, practical ways of delivering improvements. Focusing on step-by-step methods of cutting costs and waste, as well as improving design, quality, productivity and production processes. Real solutions that offer genuine improvements to your bottom line.

  • All information has a sound theoretical and practical basis, having been compiled following extensive research, experience and qualifications. The activities, systems and requirements of the most successful small and large manufacturers have been examined in detail and packaged in a way that is easy to apply.

  • Adoption and application of best practice is a central theme. However all techniques are designed to be customised to your method of working, so as to facilitate straightforward implementation in your workplace, as quickly as possible.

  • Our approach is results orientated. We also take into account many small manufacturers have very limited personnel, time and resources to spend on activities.

  • Lean manufacturing principles underpin much of the advice.

Hassle-Free Help Engineering...

Hassle-Free Help....User-friendly, simple to apply, quick and easy to implement

  • The format of the information has been developed with user-friendliness and workplace application in mind.

  • Implementation is central to all the information we provide.

  • With our ‘High Impact Programme’ you get step-by-step written instructions to guide you every set of the way.

  • Very easy to use, quick and simple customisation to mould solutions so they are 100% applicable to your unique situation; geared to deliver big improvements to your business or career.

  • As a bonus, an in-house powerful presentation and training aid for minimal disruption.

  • A convenient, no-hassle solution. Straightforward structure ready for small manufacturing business managers to present, instruct, lead and implement. Presented as a plan to compliment or align to your business improvement strategy.

  • No more thick, over-complicated consultancy reports to wade through, or short-course notes left in cupboards.  Simple and relevant workplace implementation, adaptable to your unique circumstances—this is so often the area where traditional solutions let themselves down.

Hassle-Free Help Engineering...

Hassle-Free Help... Advice to improve your employability and staff skill levels. Powerful, yet easy to use career development material and data to combat skill shortages.

  • Outstanding advice is provided about CVs, structured career development, interview skills and building your network of contacts.  Importantly this is all matched to what manufacturers actually look for. Everything is geared to getting you that great job and advancing your career.

  • Skill shortages have been identified as perhaps the biggest barrier to growth and profitability for small manufacturers. We provide must-have data and details for training initiatives.

  • We plainly and simply describe the range of different vocational and technical qualification options. We untangle what can often look like a complicated puzzle for those contemplating the best choice for raising their skills.

  • We also provide a comprehensive career development plan that is easy to complete and customise. This enables your career aims to be identified and planned, enabling you to work towards them in a structured way. It’s quick, yet powerful—designed especially for engineers and technicians.

  • Tips and advice about identifying skills gaps and obtaining in-demand industry experience.

  • We also list contact details of professional institutions—identifying further development opportunities for you, including professional registration (EngTech, IEng and CEng)

  • Tools to combat redundancy, fear of job loss and stalled careers.

  • Alignment of staff career development with department and company goals, for maximum benefit and value for money. Also visible and easily understood by all

  • This is the ideal career development tool, wherever you are in your career. We are an excellent means of investing in employee professional development and represent terrific value for money (We also offer great advice how to employ and retain the best engineers!)

Hassle-Free Help Engineering...

Hassle-Free Help... Quick Access to a Vast Array of Expert Advice

  • Links to a huge selection of organisations ready to give a helping hand to engineers and manufacturing firms.

  • Quick connections to a wide range of really useful, complimentary bodies. Examples include: Trade bodies, professional engineering institutions, access to training and apprenticeships, research initiatives, as well as connections to support organisations.

  • Want to find out more about a related topic quickly, without searching and filtering? - Well we’ve direct links to the powerful information you want, whether career development or manufacturing business improvement.

  • A genuine 1-stop-shop linking you to expert opinion and keeping you informed... Real Hassle-Free Help.

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