Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Why talent, skills and strong performance, make more of an impact in smaller manufacturing businesses… Skills Impact Small Business

Why talent, skills and strong performance, make more of an impact in smaller manufacturing businesses…

Skills Impact Small Business

Skills Impact Small Business: How you can make a greater impression...

The likelihood is if you are a high performer and have desirable skills, you will receive greater recognition in a smaller manufacturing business, than in a larger one. This is because it is more probable you will have an impact on measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), like productivity, efficiency, savings, sales, turnover and profit. In this way, the smaller size and scale of the organisation works for you.

From a personal perspective, you can demonstrate your worth with impressive concrete deliverables – real achievements you can put on your CV, or enhance that promotion application, or alternatively feature during your next appraisal. This puts you in a strong position to go for the next challenge in your career. Also, with small manufacturers there tends to be more ‘low hanging fruit’ - easier opportunities to do and achieve more, as well as be noticed and recognised for it.

We offer great practical help for smart technical people. This includes advice, hints and tips to…

  • Boost your career with structured development. Empower yourself to get on.

  • Increase your employability and earn more money.

  • Obtain the skills vital to the future of your business and your industry.

  • Understand the range of recognised technical qualifications, vocational training and professional development options available. Importantly, these are the competences employers acknowledge and really value.

  • Put together a structured professional development plan, tailored to YOU.

  • Learn how to plan your professional development activities, so they are closely aligned to your job role. Become conscious of opportunities to better yourself.

  • Appreciate the range of ways to learn and build skills – it’s not just about courses!

  • Differentiate yourself from colleagues. Get one up on your rivals!

  • Get yourself professionally registered with nationally and internationally recognised accreditations, and obtain access to more lucrative contracts.

  • Give yourself options and opportunities for the future – promotions and new jobs.

  • Insure yourself against job loss or redundancy, with the skills and qualifications your industry is crying out for – then search and find that dream job.

  • Take control and stop procrastinating. Progress by setting, then executing and finally achieving your goals.

Skills Impact Small Business

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