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Low Volume Outsourcing 

For Engineers to get parts made quickly and conveniently. Or for small manufacturers to get new jobs on their order book

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Low Volume Outsourcing - Benefits for Engineers, SMEs and Machine shops

Welcome to our hassle-free, convenient outsourcing service designed to help engineers get their parts made without the normal fuss. Likewise, it's an opportunity for small manufacturers and job shops to get new work on their books, by tapping into demand from the requests we receive. Our low volume outsourcing service is win-win and works because we use our network to match demand and supply.

Typical Users of our Low Volume Outsourcing Service. Do any of these sound like You?

The ability to rapidly outsource gives you the opportunity to acquire precision machined components and prototypes without the hassle of gearing up internally or investing in capital equipment and skilled staff. Parts can be manufactured in a variety of materials. Smart machine shops can use our outsourcing service to handle surge demand when their own capacity runs out. Typical users of the service include...

  • Engineering businesses and design engineers, who recognise outsourcing provides them with the means to get on and do other stuff, subsequently be more productive, getting products to market faster and completing R&D projects earlier. 
  • Product designers who want parts but don't have ready access to machinists and job shops
  • Industrial designers with prototype or component ideas
  • Engineering consultants and contractors planning to demonstrate a concept to a client, with real parts alongside technical documentation
  • Modelling and prototyping enthusiasts unable to produce high precision, high tolerance parts
  • Hobbyists who require access to professionally manufactured parts
  • Those involved in early stage production and short production runs for customised parts or assemblies

As as well as engineers and hobbyists getting short production runs conveniently manufactured here, the service has a significant benefits for small manufacturers with machining facilities. Job shops and small engineering businesses who sign up can fill spare capacity, keep machines running, earn more and grow.

So, how can we help you? Engineering buyers and SME suppliers, we'd love to hear from you today! Why not get in touch?

Coming Soon!

We are in the process of rolling this service out

Our Low Volume Outsourcing service is in its test phase

Part of this includes processing component requests, so do send them in. Also, we are keen to hear from small engineering businesses with capacity, who are eager for new orders. We'll even host a page for your website

We want to hear from you, so get in contact!

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