Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. CAD Design Service: For CAD Outsourcing, CAD Freelancers, CAD Design, CAD Engineering or Computer Aided Design Specialists

CAD Design Service 

For CAD Outsourcing and CAD Freelancers

Plus, Professionalise your Production Documentation and access invaluable Product Development & Value Analysis advice

For small manufacturers, design start-ups and consultant engineers, time is money. You know what it feels like when there's never enough time in the day to get everything done. Well for many, outsourcing has proved to be the answer. Through our user-friendly CAD design service, you can access the expertise to produce high quality CAD, engineering and production documentation, and so free up the capacity to get on with your day job. Reliability, security and professionalism are our watch words. We've designed our CAD design service in such a way, to take the anxiety out of outsourcing. You want the work done, we want to help make it happen. Why not get in contact?

CAD Design Service: Benefits for You...

  • Fast, convenient and hassle-free. Outsource your CAD needs to experts so you can get on and get more done. Our secure service gives you additional CAD capacity to instantly deal with surges in demand without the expense, disruption and time taken to employ and train more staff.
  • Produce highly professional CAD models and engineering drawings to communicate ideas to clients or get parts manufactured right first time, by meeting international drawing standards. Component, assembly or manufacturing drawings, including bills of materials and other production documentation. 
  • Converting historical drawings (paper and 2D) to 3D CAD models, quickly without tying up your employee resources
  • Access other 3D technologies to benefit production and R&D, such as CADCAM, clash detection and interference, analysis and simulation (FEA/CFD), CMM inspection and quality control, 3D printing for prototyping or production and more...

  • Bigger firms are pushing for 3D CAD use throughout the supply chain. Your products or components need to be in a 3D CAD format to a professional standard, to integrate and ultimately win more business. Related to this, is the need for formal professional documentation if your SME has aspirations for quality accreditations or industry certifications  
  • Providing technical illustrations, manuals and instructions for servicing and maintenance, assembly, production, commissioning, installation, as well as marketing, publicity and online applications. Professionalise with balloon assembly drawings, cut-away views, animation and exploded assemblies
  • Reverse engineering parts and assemblies where no CAD data exists. Great for legacy components and as part of your business continuity plan. Also useful for modelling and documenting physical parts from prototyping or R&D. 
  • Professional photo-realistic rendering to present ideas to non-tech savvy clients, both internal and external to the business. Visualisation aids are ideal for contractors and consultants to wow customers.
  • Our CAD design service is ideal for finally getting done those projects you’ve always wanted to, but never seem to be able to spare the people or time to do

CAD Freelancers and ambitious Design Engineers!
We want to hear from you - see how you can personally benefit...

  • Broaden your exposure and visibility to get your name out there 
  • Build up consequitive jobs and develop a more consistent income stream, through our CAD design service
  • Access supply chains and get repeat orders
  • Broaden your portfolio by undertaking work in different sectors, and significantly increase your employability. 
  • Benefit from referrals, via our extensive network and client base
  • Undertake private work to supplement your income and broaden your experiences 
  • Dip your toe into the world of freelancing to see if it's for you, whilst still doing the day job
  • Network and build up contacts and clients. You'll find getting in contact with people (particularly CAD managers) during lean times can result in job offers you didn't expect
  • Clients typically find they are so satisfied with results that future opportunities and referrals follow
  • If you have a website, we will provide you with a webpage hosted on our site, as part of our small business network... to further increase your visibility.

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CAD Designers!
Discover how YOU can earn by drawing up
Production Documentation for manufacturing businesses...

We're in the process of piloting the production documentation branch of our CAD Design Service. The idea here is to offer small manufacturers and engineering job shops the opportunity to professionalise, improve and become more lean through the application of more professional documentation to help their manufacturing operations. Paper sheets or digital monitors work well, with both being mounted at workstations where the production activity takes place. Quick-win benefits for small manufacturing businesses include...

  • Better quality control by eliminating defects
  • Production process improvement, workplace reorganisation, better use of space and de-clutter
  • Speed up training and re-skilling, for a more flexible workforce

So, for example production documentation may include...

  • Standard operating procedures, illustrated with CAD imagery or photos... for all key processes
  • Assembly drawings and bills of materials (BOMs), to assist fitting and assembly
  • Checklists and images of problem areas for quality, again to assist assembly
  • 3D CAD exploded assemblies or animation, to assist training and for service/maintenance manuals
  • Installation and commissioning documentation, including procedures and checklists
  • Kit lists, including CAD images or photos, to help stores, inventory management and line-side production
  • Test plans and quality procedures
  • Inspection and measuring procedures
  • Production schedules, particularly for production cells manufacturing product variants
  • Production cell documentation - everything you need and in the correct step-by-step order
  • Cleaning regimes, including frequency and sequence
  • Digital or virtual manufacturing where production processes are planned and optimised in the virtual world, before being rolled out for real. Sounds futuristic, but services are opening up for SME manufacturers and significant amounts of research are being undertaken. Why not get your SME involved in a research programme with a partner. Grants exist and academics are eager to get industrial partners on board.

Personal Benefits for CAD Engineers with a Production Background,
like YOU. Why you should get in touch...

  • Do you supply customisable production documentation, based on lean manufacturing, you feel could assist?
  • Perhaps you are looking for new markets and sectors to sell your lean implementation documentation?
  • Perhaps you are a CAD Engineer, familiar with lean manufacturing and machine shops, and feel you could help draw up some documentation to improve production processes.
  • Or are you a Design Engineer who could benefit from improving your 'Design for Manufacturing and Assembly' knowledge, and so enhance your employability?
  • Are you open to partnerships and accessing our broad network of engineers and manufacturers?
  • Well, get in touch as we would love to hear from you!

We want to hear from you if...

You are a 
CAD engineer willing to put together technical documentation to support lean manufacturing...

CAD and Lean Manufacturing Benefits for Engineering Businesses

Production Documentation is central to key aspects of Lean Manufacturing, such as standardisation, training and removing process variation. Wider benefits of documentation-inspired lean manufacturing for small manufacturers include...

  • Reduced waste in all it's forms
  • Dramatic cost reduction to improve your cash flow
  • Less money tied up in inventory
  • More efficient operations with greater productivity
  • Big falls in lead-times for parts and products
  • Improved service and customer satisfaction
  • Less stress, greater satisfaction and an improvement in employee morale
  • Better trained, more flexible and proactive employees
  • Improved staff retention 
  • A healthier business with better profitability

For small manufacturers, micro-businesses (less than 10 employees) and job shops, our CAD design service is ideal because...

  • Outsourcing CAD-based technical documentation projects enables you to hire the expertise you need, without diverting precious employee resources or training staff you can not afford to take away from core business.
  • The smallest technical documentation projects can be undertaken at your convenience, without the commitment of a big CAD outsourcing contract.
  • Our market research demonstrates there’s lots of demand for shorter scale, light touch technical improvements. The issue for smaller firms is there are always more pressing, higher priority tasks to undertake.
  • Nearly all small engineering businesses know they should be doing more to improve their processes, to cut costs and improve quality. But the reality is they simply have more pressing day-to-day issues. Our service finally gives you the capacity to get some of these initiatives underway and reap the benefits.

We want to hear from you if...

If your 
small manufacturing business or job shop could benefit from some of the technical documentation listed above 

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