Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. High Impact Programme Clearly Defined Topics Designed for Step-By-Step Problem Solving

High Impact Programme

Clearly Defined Topics Designed for Step-By-Step Problem Solving

The High Impact Programme has been developed as a series of standalone units, designed to drive improvements directly in your place of work. Powerful information is presented in a simple to understand format, for your convenience. We remove the hassle and provide step-by-step guidance with each programme unit, to make implementation as straightforward as possible.

The series has arisen as a response to small manufacturers needing high quality, low cost advice to solve problems quickly. Straightforward implementation is key and rapid results are crucial. Most small businesses simply haven’t got the time to mess about – time, staff and resources are all scarce. A range of effective Lean Manufacturing, Product Development and CAD Engineering-related topics are covered. You can either implement targeted sections of each unit to solve a particular problem; or alternatively a comprehensive implementation plan is provided for all the information towards the end of each programme.

Customise the Content:

3 handy features that tailor the information to provide personalised help, specific to your unique business

The Programme Units have been developed with user-friendliness as a central them. However in addition to this, included within the Units are two features that take user-assistance to the next level. These have been developed to really deliver great ideas directly into your place of work. We recognise it's not enough to be informed about key topics and the way they work - the 'What'. To really deliver and make a difference you need to know the 'How'. How do you customise the information? How do you come up with the imaginative ideas unique to your business? How do you go about applying the advice and implementing the expertise, before reaping the benefits? Here’s how…

High Impact Programme Units

  • ENGINEERING COST REDUCTION - How do I plan, structure and run an internal cost reduction programme? 

  • PRACTICAL VALUE ANALYSIS & VALUE ENGINEERING - How do I reduce the costs of my existing products and increase their value to customers?

  • CAD & TECHNICAL DATA TO ASSIST PRODUCTION - How do I use CAD and technical data to make big improvements on the shop floor?

  • PRODUCTION PROBLEM SOLVING & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - How do I introduce and sustain a problem solving culture on the shop floor?

  • LEAN MANUFACTURING TOOLS FOR PRACTICAL APPLICATION  - I need a to-the-point explanation of the tools, plus a step-by-step ‘how to use’ guide

  • LEAN MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES FOR SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION - How do I introduce Lean Manufacturing rapidly, and so start benefitting quickly?

  • INNOVATION FOR SMALL MANUFACTURERS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE - Everybody seems to be banding the word around – so how can ‘Innovation’ help me?

  • SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS - How do I improve my supplier relationships, yet make big cost reductions?

  • DIGITAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - How Small Manufacturers and Engineers can get the most from 3D CAD Technologies

  • MANAGING ENGINEERING DESIGN CHANGES - Rapid product improvements in a structured way: How to better control Engineering Changes

  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY - How to develop new products or improve existing ones in a structured way