Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Business and Industry Essentials Invaluable Sources of Guidance, Help and Support for Your Manufacturing Business

Business and Industry Essentials

Invaluable Sources of Guidance, Help and Support for Your Manufacturing Business

Business and Industry Essentials

Here are a few questions about you and your industry. See how you do…

  • Are you aware of the key issues affecting your industry, your company and ultimately your job?
  • Are you comfortable talking about business and do you understand how your job is affected by industry trends?
  • Are you well networked and ready to take advantage of opportunities in your organisation or sector?
  • Have you positioned yourself for your next move? Or do you simply let things happen to you and hope for the best? Are you proactive and aware or do you just drift?

Investing a little time now and again in finding out about your industry and business can pay huge dividends.

This section provides information on a wide range of key industry initiatives and business news specific to engineers and manufacturers. To build on this, tips and hints are included to help you get the most from this info. Stay informed and find out what the shapers and formers of industry have to say. Be sure not to miss out on potential opportunities and benefits by accessing everything in one place. No more searching around – that’s all been done for you! All the best info in one place.

Business and industry advice and support is provided for the following themes - click, on each one to find out more...

Business and Industry: Practical advantages of becoming aware and better informed include…

  • Make more meaningful contributions in meetings
  • Make sense of how your organisation and industry work
  • Clear awareness of factors and trends that can affect your business and job
  • Get more out of work – you spend more than enough time there!
  • Position yourself for promotion and career progression
  • Get noticed by supervisors and managers
  • Network and make new contacts with experts. Know where to get assistance to solve problems
  • Become a more interesting conversationalist at work

So how are you going to get these advantages? Answer – by proactively increasing your awareness of what’s going on. Obviously there are many ways of doing this. However we’re all busy, so a great way to achieve this to build it into your day-to-day routine. Use the web and mobile media. Many of us browse, surf, blog and check details on our phones. Weave the sources of the information you need into this routine. Click on the links above for some great ideas to proactively increase your awareness.

Business and Industry

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