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Digital Manufacturing Advice
Digital Manufacturing 4.0
Rapidly Modernizing SMEs, with Ambitious Flexible Freelancers

Industry 4.0 for the little guy?
Time to stop talking and start doing...

At Last! Easy Access Digital Manufacturing Advice for All.... 

Imagine if small manufacturing businesses had the time, know-how and resources to benefit from the step-change impact Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing advice is currently having on the big OEMs and primes? Imagine if you could by-pass the bureaucracy and faff typical of government schemes, and instead quickly and conveniently obtain great productivity and cashable commercial benefits? For CAD contractors and freelancers, imagine being able to rapidly access and apply your skills on a range of low-hanging fruit, yet hugely impactful projects, in small manufacturers eager to digitise and modernise.

Well now all this is possible. Our Digital Manufacturing Advice platform matches this small business demand, with CAD freelancer supply, in a way that is convenient, flexible, commercially driven and secure. 

Supply chain manufacturing businesses need to start producing the digital data OEMs are demanding today, to access the lucrative repeat orders of tomorrow. Our approach is customised, affordable and non-disruptive. CAD Contractors can reach a huge potential client base, working flexibly on genuinely impactful SME projects, whilst developing a 'wow' factor portfolio. Highly desirably digital skills development is an option too, as are broader collaborative research partnerships.

See how you can benefit below. Find out more and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Lynch, Founder

Digital Manufacturing Advice