Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Manufacturing and Management Consulting: Helping you quickly solve problems, improve performance and grow, with our expertise

Manufacturing and Management Consulting

Helping you quickly solve problems, improve business performance and grow

We provide convenient, flexible, expert help for Engineers and SMEs, so they can get on with the day job

Whether you need a sounding board, consultant, associate, or maybe the more strategic expertise of an advisory or non-exec role... see why we're the partner of choice for:

  • Start-ups
  • Pre start-ups
  • Small engineering businesses
  • Consultants
  • Contract engineers and designers

Do any of these points below resonate with you in anyway?

  • Could your start-up or small technical business sometimes do with some expertise in an unfamiliar area?
  • Are you a contractor or consultant who could really benefit from complimentary expert advice to grow your small business?
  • Would you like to make improvements to your organisation - maybe product development, production process enhancements or business development - but are not really sure about the best way to make it happen?
  • If you are honest, do you prefer to get on with technical stuff and wish you could rapidly bring in the expert knowledge to quickly progress, so you can get on?

How we can Help YOU....

Our fast, flexible and convenient consulting service can get you the answers you need to improve and get on. We're friendly, and will work on your terms to find better ways to make the improvements that matter to you. In addition, we're all about no fuss, just a focus on understanding what you need, and applying our expertise to make it happen. Teamwork and partnership are our watchwords, so why not get in touch and see how we can help

Get in contact to see how Manufacturing and Management Consulting, by Advice Manufacturing can help you, by setting a clear path to success, whilst saving money and cutting out wasted time...

Whoever you are and wherever you are in your business growth story, we can help with practical, implementation-focused advice, presented in plain English. Those who benefit include...

  • Start-ups with little time, who need to get parts of their business up and running quickly
  • Small manufacturing businesses and SMEs eager to improve their processes, cut costs, improve quality and slash delivery times
  • Engineers or designers who are great at ‘their bit’ but need help in getting things in place for activities they are less familiar with
  • Contractors eager to grow their one-man band businesses, get more contracts in the pipe line and guarantee more income.
  • Machining and Job shops who want to improve and grow, by doing what the best-in-class small businesses do.
  • Consultants aiming to offer a wider range of business services and need the knowledge and skills to get organised.

Our Open-mined, Flexible Approach to Partnership.....

We are proactively looking for opportunities to get involved and partner with start-ups and small technical businesses. If you've just set-up or are thinking about striking out on your own, why not get in contact? Alternatively we're receptive to forming alliances with complimentary small technical businesses aiming to grow. We are open-minded, eager to help and willing to advise in a variety of ways, such as a consultant or associate, or possibly in more formal advisory or non-exec roles. 

What’s in it for You? Key Benefits and the thinking behind our Service…..

  • SMEs and start-ups just want easy to find, practical help to assist them. We’ve designed the service with this central to the way we operate.
  • A quick, convenient and proven service – from people you can trust. We know because we’ve been through it ourselves when setting up Advice Manufacturing, and through extensive industrial experience.
  • No need to do all the running around and finding small businesses who can help - we’ve already done it, and developed a fabulous network whilst doing so.
  • Low cost options – we understand the financial challenges of running a small business, when value for money and cash-flow are all-important.
  • We are developing flexible and convenient ways to get in touch – online, short vids, Q&A sessions, site visits and longer term partnerships.
  • Access the vast array of specialists we’ve connected with on the way. We call it the ‘Small Manufacturing Business Network’ (as well as our numerous LinkedIn contacts)
  • Ethical – using small, yet proven companies where possible, who understand the struggles and needs of small businesses (supporting the small technical business community, building networks and referrals, and helping small firms grow)

Are you a Start-Up or thinking of branching out on your Own? See how we can help…

Why Start-ups find our consultancy invaluable...

  • Start-up survival and success factors include the idea, team, leadership, plan, execution and marketing. Use our expert know-how and contacts to maximise your chances of success.
  • Your really good idea, problem solving product or service needs to be outstanding to succeed. Again, our deep expertise can help you refine it and get the details right.
  • Investors always look at the strength of your team. Let us be a key component of your team, bringing the deep expertise and experience you need to power through when you are smallest and most vulnerable.
  • Our extensive network of small businesses, consultants and contractors could be just what you need – think potential suppliers, partners and importantly customers.
  • Backers often look for credibility and integrity. With us as associates and an integral part of your team, you get just that. 
  • Build your credibility with credible partners – those who bring serious expertise, know-how and a network of contacts.
  • Learn how to embed that people first, more human, personable culture – to compliment your technical expertise.


Are you a small Manufacturing or Design business who wants to get on and grow? See how we can help…

  • Proven business development consulting based on our specialist knowledge and experience. Strong leadership and management advice to help you execute the plan and deliver big benefits.
  • Let us help solve your problems and improve business performance, by quickly providing the expertise you may not have in house.
  • Lean implementation specialists, delivering benefits to small manufacturers such as improved productivity, quality and lead-times, whilst cutting costs and waste.
  • Invaluable value engineering or new product development advice that gets winning products to market faster. A staged process that is customisable to your unique requirements.
  • Standing out from the crowd. Get noticed and differentiate yourself from your competitors, by offering better service or complimentary expert knowledge. Use us to get the skills to make it happen
  • Expand and grow on the internet, via our broad network of contacts
  • Improved visibility, building a reputation and getting your name out there to win repeat orders and access supply chains
  • Access our extensive network of small businesses, consultants and contractors, to find potential suppliers, partners and importantly customers. Join our network and greatly increase your visibility to others.