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Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing Manifestos and
Industry Reports setting out future trends to help SME Manufacturers Plan

Great Ideas for Engineers 

Manufacturing Reports and Manifestos: Strategy for Industry

Welcome to the page offering an insight into the future thinking of manufacturing industry's best brains. Have you wondered what the future holds for your sector or what technological trends are heading your way next? Have you considered how these changes will impact your business and your job? For SME manufacturers and engineers attempting to set strategy for tomorrow, a greater awareness of the bigger picture today can help you get organised, set direction and take advantage of opportunities earlier. This is where our manufacturing reports page comes into it's own. 

Why not draw upon the findings of experts and full-time researchers from the bodies and organisations who do this for a living? They publish reports that summarise findings in layman's language, having spoken to a broad range of key industry players, carried out thorough investigations, number-crunched and interpreted the data, as well as extrapolated the trends. Fortunately for you we've brought an array of expert opinions together here. We'll continue to add to it from time to time as more useful information is published.

See below for some of the cutting edge ideas and new industry thinking set to define the way manufacturing will develop, both in the short and long term.  We also feature a range of manifestos for manufacturing, setting out the needs of industry as we approach the UK General Election (where this site is based).

So whether you are grappling with drawing up plans or a strategy for your small business, considering technology or software investment decisions, or thinking about skills for your employees or yourself, you'll find the information here very useful. Ultimately if you're into manufacturing it's a real insight.

Remember, all contributions are from a range of highly reputable organisations, compiled by experts and researchers who know their stuff. They've done the investigating so you don't have to. 

Manifestos and manufacturing reports: have a read and feel free to download the docs - that's why they produce them!...


Mark Lynch

Advice Manufacturing 

Made Smarter - Review 2017
Review of Industrial Digitalization to Transform UK Manufacturing

An industry-led review, directed by Professor Juergen Maier, exploring how UK manufacturing can maximise benefits from increasing adoption of digital technology through a strong industry and government partnership. The Review focuses on three priority areas informed by understanding of the three main challenges business face. They are:

  • Leadership: more ambitious, informed and focused leadership
  • Adoption: more widespread adoption of industrial digital technologies (IDTs) across supply chains, especially within SMEs
  • Innovation: faster innovation and creation of new IDTs, new IDT companies / value-streams and new capabilities to sustain UK competitive advantage.


EEF - The 4th Industrial Revolution:
A Primer for Manufacturers

Manufacturing is, once again, entering a period of considerable change. Over the last few years manufacturers will have increasingly read about the 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, connected factories and factories of the future. But what does it all actually mean and what do manufacturers make of this transformation... more

Industry 4.0 Report 

Industry 4.0 gives companies the chance to out-perform their rivals by collaborating more efficiently throughout the supply chain. The ability to share real-time data with suppliers and customers gives a chance to greatly improve the overall efficiency of the whole system…

 The companies that do well out of the fourth industrial revolution will be the ones that recognize the business opportunities and apply the technologies in a focussed way to drive the benefits… more

Engineering UK 2016
The State of Engineering

EngineeringUK’s annual report on the state of engineering is a hugely valuable aid to understanding the contribution engineering makes to our society and our economy. Its detailed analysis shows us that young people who choose a career in engineering can look forward to promising futures, with above average employment rates and salaries. In turn, they can help the engineering sectors support a more productive UK economy. A healthy economy requires strong productivity and here the UK’s engineering sectors continue to punch above their weight. As this report shows, in 2014 engineering contributed over £450 billion to the UK economy - around 27% of total UK GDP and more than the retail & wholesale and financial & insurance sectors combined. Engineering sectors also produce the majority of the nation’s exports and play an essential role in supporting the UK’s international competitiveness... more


Building Information Modelling - BIM
The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets

Building Information Modelling (BIM) uses digital tools and data to collaboratively design, build and deliver construction projects. BIM enables designers and manufacturers of building products, fixtures and fittings to add value, access supply chains and commercially benefit.

Contractors are citing a wide variety of BIM benefits. The top project-related benefits that contractors are receiving from BIM are reduced errors and omissions and reduced rework, both of which have immediate positive impact and contribute to strong ROI. Reduced construction cost, reduced project duration and improved safety round out the top 5 project benefits of BIM. Contractors cite BIM’s ability to enhance collaboration among key team members, as its most important contribution to improving the project delivery process…more

Deloitte Advanced Technologies Initiative
Manufacturing & Innovation

The Advanced Technologies Initiative provides important insights on US and global innovation trends, and highlights the challenges faced by businesses in maintaining or improving their technology competitiveness. In addition, Deloitte and the Council have consolidated the interviewees’ thoughts and perspectives to develop a set of high-priority recommendations detailing immediate and long-term critical needs to improve the national innovation ecosystem vital to sustaining US competitiveness... more

Manufacturing Manifesto 2015:
All Party 
Parliamentary Manufacturing Group (APMG)

The APMG has recently launched a manufacturing report / manifesto calling on any future Government to take what it calls the 'necessary steps' to ensure the UK becomes a global leader in manufacturing markets. The manufacturing report addresses what it regards as the key themes currently affecting the nation's manufacturing sector and threatening the country's potential industrial growth. These include questions over innovation, skills, finance and taxation, as well as energy, SMEs, trade and investment... more

An Insight into Modern Manufacturing:
Engineering the Future 

The nature of manufacturing has changed to reflect advancements in the supply chain, markets, customer demands and engineering design. Data and product innovation now play major roles in the industry; today’s manufacturing is often capital-intensive and automated, with a highly skilled and educated workforce. Service innovation and collaboration with supply chains have introduced new avenues of growth for manufacturers, who are adapting their business models to take advantage of the global markets.

This report tells the story of UK manufacturing from the perspective of the businesses involved... more


The Factory of the Future:
Future of Manufacturing Project, Government Office for Science

This manufacturing report focuses on sectors most important to the future of the nation's manufacturing and exports including aerospace, automotive, machinery & fabrications and pharmaceutical & bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing. The emerging mental model for the Factory of the Future is of centres of creativity and innovation embedded in effective networks of relationships, where capable and talented people use world-class technologies and processes to create new ways of adding value... more


Manufacturing Reports
2015 Engineering Manifesto:
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

In advance of the 2015 UK General Election, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has published its 2015 engineering manifesto: Manufacturing's Five-Year Skills Solution. The new manufacturing report is divided into five key solution-led projects, followed by an outline of what the Institution will do to help resolve these issues over the next parliamentary term... more


Securing a Manufacturing Renaissance 
EEF 2015 Manifesto 

In EEF’s 2015 Manifesto: Securing a manufacturing renaissance, Britain’s manufacturers have set the next Government four key priorities to build on and secure the economic recovery, or risk failing to build the better balanced economy the UK urgently needs.

A better-balanced economy, driven by increased exports, investment, innovation, and improved infrastructure and productivity, is the engine of wealth creation, better living standards and job creation. UK manufacturing can help to power this engine...more

Manufacturing and the EU: A Manifesto for Growth
Engineering Employers' Federation (EEF)

This manufacturing report sets out a blueprint for achieving a strong industrial and manufacturing base. There are many reasons why manufacturing matters to our economy including jobs, innovation, trade, strong sectors and meeting key social challenges. Manufacturers have ambitious plans that will deliver growth and jobs. This manifesto looks at how this can be achieved... more

Manufacturing Reports
Helping SMEs get value from their IP
Intellectual Property Office

Intellectual Property (IP) is an increasingly important means of supporting both economic and business growth. The nation has many highly innovative SMEs for whom the ability to protect their innovation is crucial to maintaining their competitive edge. The UK has earned a reputation for innovation, invention and entrepreneurialism. It is vital that the innovative individuals who are leading the way in this are able to protect their ideas and extract full value from them... more

Manufacturing Reports

Manufacturing Reports
Federation of Small Businesses
Business Manifesto

Confidence is growing among small and micro business owners in every sector. Small business owners want to invest more in their businesses, recruit more people and break into new markets. Start-ups are being created at an all time record rate with more people choosing to be self employed.

The 2015 General Election presents an opportunity for a new Government to set out its credentials to help these start-ups and small firms realise their ambitions. The FSB wish to see political leadership and focus on the pressing issues that small businesses face right now, and which will only intensify through the next 5 year Parliment... More

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