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Business and Current Affairs

Engineers' Need Worldly Awareness - Business Current Affairs

Business Current Affairs: The best Engineers' have great awareness of the world...

Most manufacturers operate in the commercial context of the private sector. Business is competitive and an awareness of current affairs can help prepare for future events. In turn, this enables managers to make the best possible decisions for their manufacturing organisations.

  • Ask yourself, can you accurately recall the last few manufacturing news stories you heard?

  • Do you know what factors in business and the wider economy directly impact your industry?

  • What current affairs are presently impacting your role and job prospects?

  • What industry sector is your firm a part of?

  • Is your organisation part of any major supply chains, perhaps to a well-known prime manufacturer? If so, do you know what tier supplier you are?

  • Do you know how manufacturing industry compares to other sectors of the economy? What percentage of the economy does it constitute?

  • What’s the international picture?

  • How aware are you of the greater public and government appreciate of manufacturing as a means of rebalancing the economy. Most commentators believe we should design and make more goods. The supply chain, featuring small manufacturing businesses, is critical to this aspiration.


Make it your business to become more aware of the wider world and understand where your job and business fit into the bigger picture. Try saving a few quality newspapers and journals in your search engine’s favourites section. Actively visit them now and again. The majority of quality on-line newspapers will include a business and a technology section. Many features relevant to manufacturing companies are included. Industry jobs and career advice is also offered. Likewise the broadcasted media are well represented on the web and also feature business and technology sections. As well as quality journalism, relevant adverts and archives of earlier stories are also available.

Business Current Affairs

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