Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Manage Own Manufacturing Business Do You Work in, Manage or Own a Small Manufacturing Business? Great Design and Lean Manufacturing Makes Money - Here's how...

Manage Own Manufacturing Business

Do You Work in, Manage or Own a Small Manufacturing Business?

Great Design + Lean Manufacturing Makes Money - Here's how...

Advice Manufacturing has been designed specifically for small manufacturing businesses. We understand your day-to-day challenges make thoughts about improvement and developing the business and employees desirable but not urgent. Challenges like cash-flow and chasing payments, getting that order out, getting the next one in and just getting the day job done – let’s face it, that’s what’s top of the list.

Well that’s why the expert advice in this website has been developed to fit around this. It’s all about maximum convenience to you. So what does ‘convenient assistance’ look like for a small manufacturer? Well, it’s lean manufacturing advice you can run with from day 1. It’s product development and manufacturing help you can dip in and out of, and return to when you’re ready. It’s targeted nuggets of information to make a difference quickly, leaving you free to get on.

Manufacturing businesses often want help with a specific problem or issue. What they appreciate is step-by-step help, tailorable to their unique circumstances. It’s got to be easy to apply, leaving businesses free to get on with ‘the important stuff’. So forget bureaucracy, some long-term commitment, minimum charges or who qualifies depending on company size. Manufacturing support is available to all. Real hands-on help, but on your terms.

Make no mistake – it takes effort. But it is definitely achievable using the wealth of information set out in our structured, implementation-focussed way. Suggestions and tips are presented in a style to help you hit the ground running. In addition to helpful hints, solid advice and step-by-step guidance, we also make the most of digital media, to offer you something fresh and distinctive from traditional solutions like classroom-based courses and text books. We focus on taking the information directly to where it’s needed.


A Different Way of Doing things…

We’ll be offering a range of ways to overcome a common complaint – slowness! That is, how long it takes for improvement plans to kick in, before you see tangible differences. 

In addition to bringing you quality content in conventional ways, Advice Manufacturing uses the speed and convenience of the web and digital mobile media to rapidly inform, tailor and apply improvements in the workplace. We plan to bring you demos, case studies, images and informative videos. Throughout, we also emphasise interaction, creative ways to implement ideas, practical suggestions, useful links, eBooks and other material. Additionally, our blog enables engineers to post questions and rapidly obtain others’ opinions. Why not benefit from others’ experience and bypass common mistakes?

A core principle of Advice Manufacturing is to encourage engineers to bring the know-how directly to where it is actually used - the shop floor, the design office, the workshop, the research lab – wherever it’s needed. In short, whether printed out or digital data, we offer you hands-on help to make it happen in your business.

Feel free to further research ideas and concepts. If you want to go the extra mile and prefer someone to hold your hand, we are in the process of building a world-class network of hand-picked consultants to help you at your place of work. They will work with our principles, delivering a hybrid of traditional improvement methods with our innovative approach.


Take a look! And find that Nugget of Info! – Go for it, you’ve nothing to lose!

Why not have a look around the site, starting with the topics on the left or by searching? Dip in and out when you need too. Search and select the section most relevant to what you are trying to do and have a quick read – the chances are you’ll find that little nugget, which will make a big difference back at your place.

Manage Own Manufacturing Business

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