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High Speed Machining

Slash production cycle times with incredible spindle speeds and high precision

Giving SMEs real competitive advantage

Lead-times are everything for small manufacturing businesses. Everybody has experienced the pressure of trying to get that all-important job out on time. This is where high speed CNC machining comes into it's own. Investing in machines capable of turning billets into complex components at an incredible rate, gives SME manufacturers some serious competitive advantage. The ability to machine intricate geometry is another benefit of high speed machining centres.

Combining high spindle speeds and feed rates with CAM-based precision, provides small firms with an unrivalled capability. On the ground this enables smaller manufacturers to increase their throughput and productivity, as well as tender for complicated challenging work with confidence.

High Speed Machining | Hurco IMTS 2012 from Hurco Companies, Inc.

High Speed Machining Explained by Hurco. Includes high speed definitions, specifications and spindle speeds. Additional information is provided regarding machine considerations, types of components, traditional v high speed machining and advanced CAM tool paths.

High Speed CNC Machining from BobCAD-CAM, Inc.

BobCAD High Speed CNC Machining Explanation: Types of machining cuts and applications. Why use high speed machining, including benefits? Tool paths, multi-axis machining and CAM. A useful overview of the technology and it's application.

High Speed Machining by Volumill. Different demonstrations with a variety of stated materials, spindle speeds, feed rates, tools and depths. Also included are examples of reduced cycle times in percentages and lower tooling costs.

Datron High Speed Machining Centre: The speed, precision and accuracy of the equipment enables aluminium tooling for plastic mould parts to be directly machined, complete with multiple blended contours and high quality surface finishes.

BobCAD: Traditional v High Speed Machining Comparison. This review includes feed rates, spindle speeds, depth of cut and tool step overs. Simulated tool paths running side by side for comparison demonstrate how the high speed option runs 50% faster. 

BobCAD CAM simulation, commentary and explanation. Multiple features include roughing, tool path sequence and finishing cuts. Other operations include cavities, slots and pockets. 2 products are reviewed, Mill Standard and Mill Pro. Simulated tool paths help ensure the part will be machined as intended with no clashes and with the desired level of quality. 

Ergomat TNG Gang Style Lathe, capable of high speed turning. After a slow start the video features a turned component machined rapidly with a variety of tools effortlessly machining a range of geometry. These include different diameter turned sections, tapers, a spherical end and finally parting off. Very quick - very impressive.

Keller CNCplus CAD/CAM Software: In this high speed turning simulation, the software is checking the CAD/CAM NC program for errors. The video steps through some of the key stages and operations of the program with commentary, before showing the high speed turning simulation. Here different tools come in and perform a variety of operations changing the geometry of the turned part, step by step.  

High Speed Machining

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