Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. High Impact Programme Units: Themed Units for Direct Workplace Implementation High Impact Programme - Implementing Good Ideas

High Impact Programme Units: Themed Units for Direct Workplace Implementation

High Impact Programme - Implementing Good Ideas


High Impact Programme Units really are the ideal method of injecting specialised knowledge into the processes, operations and systems of your business. They are geared to make a real difference, fast. We are about to start rolling these out soon and more will be available over time. They offer great value for money and come highly recommended.

Ok, so what’s available? Specific High Impact Programme Units, to be available in the near future include…

ENGINEERING COST REDUCTION                                       

How do I plan, structure and run an internal cost reduction programme?

Reducing costs company-wide. Identifying cost reduction opportunities and ideas. Obtaining commitment from Senior Management and engineers. Business context and alignment to corporate objectives. Implementing a practical cost reduction plan, tasks and culture. Driving progress and executing actions. Setting targets, milestones and meeting agendas. Project teams and week-on-week cost reduction. Delivering tangible results and maintaining momentum. Celebrating success.

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How do I reduce the costs of my existing products and increase their value to customers?

Value Analysis & Engineering (VA/VE) - Why it makes commercial sense and is relevant now more than ever. Knocking cost out of existing products. Putting together a cross-functional team. Getting Management support and staff buy-in. How to do VA/VE —a planned approach. Cost reduction and happy suppliers. Modular design benefits. Assigning assembly functions and costs. Design for Assembly & Manufacture (DFMA) for quick results.

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CAD & TECHNICAL DATA TO ASSIST PRODUCTION                              

How do I use CAD and technical data to make big improvements on the shop floor?

Use technical information and CAD to bring step-change improvements to production. Profit from fewer defects, reduced training times and better standardisation. Use CAD to aid fixture design, CAM, inspection and check tool paths. Rapidly access 3D assemblies and parts, 2D drawings and BOMs to assist product kitting, fitting, assembly and inspection. Quickly integrate CAD into procedures, instructions and manuals. Tips for setting up production cells and assembly work stations. CAD assembly exploded views and animation for training and maintenance. 

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How do I introduce and sustain a problem solving culture on the shop floor?

Setting up and implementing a problem solving strategy. Obtaining sustained Senior Management support. Establishing, and importantly, sustaining a problem solving culture in your business. Motivating and empowering teams and individuals. Structured problem solving—working to a plan. Recording and communicating progress. Building and maintaining momentum. Kaizen philosophy with tools and techniques. Full implementation plan.

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I need a to-the-point explanation of the tools, plus a step-by-step ‘how to use’ guide

Lean Manufacturing core principles. 7 Waste identification and elimination. Standardising processes and clear instructions. Value Stream Mapping to eliminate waste and add customer value. 5 Why root cause analysis. Lead time reduction. 6 big losses in productivity. Practical 5S workplace implementation. Selecting and working towards KPI’s aligned to business goals. Applied JIT and reducing inventory. Continuous flow and other quality tools. How to get employee buy-in.

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How do I introduce Lean Manufacturing rapidly, and so start benefitting quickly?

Establishing and sustaining employee involvement, motivation and empowerment. Establishing a Lean leadership culture. Reducing lead-times and manufacturing costs, through shop floor layout improvements. Map layout and flow. Practical production cell implementation. Help with measurement and Kaizen improvement. The visual  factory and ‘Gemba’. Applied Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Implement Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) tasks

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Everybody seems to be banding the word around – so how can ‘Innovation’ help me?

The commercial case for innovation and the range of business benefits. Innovation and R&D: practical things small manufacturers can do. Creativity and sources of imaginative and novel ideas. Encouraging employee innovative thinking. Challenging the status quo and taking risks. Innovation in manufacturing: new technology, materials, processes, supply chain models and services. Innovation, R&D management and tax incentives.

...Coming Soon! 

SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS                                                                         

How do I improve my supplier relationships, yet make big cost reductions?

Strategic Supplier Relationships for mutual benefit...for small manufacturers. Successful supplier assessment, rating and selection. Running a cost reduction programme with suppliers. Renegotiating prices and re-sourcing purchased items. Mutual cost reduction. Successful Negotiation. Identifying cost savings. Reducing modifications and rework. Improving quality and reduced delivery times. Structuring and improving communication channels.

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DIGITAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT                                                     

How Small Manufacturers and Engineers can get the most from 3D CAD Technologies

Practical benefits of Computer Aided Design and Engineering for small manufacturers. Benefits throughout the product lifecycle: from marketing, design development, simulation testing and production through to service, maintenance and suppliers. Moving from 2D to 3D CAD: Full implementation guide including making the case to management. CAD software evaluation, selection and implementation. 3D Printing for manufacturers. Introduction to FEA, CFD, CAM and PLM.

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Rapid product improvements in a structured way: How to better control Engineering Changes

Why Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are commercially important. Avoid mistakes, wrong orders, defects and waste. Implementing a structured ECO system. Using versions and revisions to control drawings and technical docs. Encouraging a culture of good ideas and innovative improvements: feeding changes back from production, inspection, servicing, maintenance and marketing. Communicating changes to production, suppliers and others.

...Coming Soon! 

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY                                                    

How to develop new products or improve existing ones in a structured way

Implementing a process for structured product development, both for new product introduction and product redesign. A plan to identify and work through all key stages like specs, concepts, detail design, production engineering etc.  Gain buy-in from staff and managers. Aligning the process with business strategy, derive it from customer needs and drive it with a cross-functional team. Focus on engineering costs and budgets. Benefit from shorter development times. Design in quality and value. Advantages professional designers can bring. Top tips the best performing manufacturers use.

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...and a whole lot more!


Start making a difference to your firm. Use our High Impact Programme to radically improve what you do. Kick-start change and witness the bottom line benefits first-hand in your business.

High Impact Programme Units

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