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Well, you asked for it...

by Dr Kevin J Stamp
(UK, Cheshire)

MechDesigner Logo

MechDesigner Logo

Most 3D Cad software started its life as a 3D Solid Modelling tool - you know, all the Nurbs, and Splines and Lines, Arcs, Polyine, extrusions etc. They were concerned about what I call 'the flesh'.
Rarely were they concerned with a 'Bones and the Brain', in other words, the kinematics, and joined up with the how and when parts move, the Motion Design. 3D Cad is now adding these aspects to their suite of tools, but none have it in their kernel. Their kernel is para-solids for solid modelling.
So what do you do when you cannot find the software you need? You develop it yourself. 10 years of development later...

MechDesigner, our software, started with motion design, then added the kinematics, and now has the tools to add simple solids, but we get the complex solids by importing from SolidWorks. In this way, we have started with the Brain and the bones, and let other Cad make things look pretty. That is what they are good at, and we do what we are good.
We model virtual any sort of sensible planar and spatial mechanism, with any motion you need, with really fast 'closed-loop' equations, to give exact answers at any time you need. You can just play at any time, while you model to see 'work' in progress. The fast algorithms allow you to model the moving parts much faster than any of the 3D CAD providers. WE instantly provide all position, velocity, acceleration, force, torque data for any joint, cam and spring etc.
You can model any number of mechanisms, with any number of cams with any number of motions with any number of degrees-of-freedom, edit-on-the fly, with gears, belts, pulleys and more....
If you want to model something that moves, then try the software that is 'engineered to move', and see it move, right from the start.

Contact us for a Free MechDesigner trial. Dr Kevin J Stamp, 0151 339 3133

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Nov 17, 2015
Always good to see CAD innovation!
by: Mark

Thanks Kevin,

It's always good to see CAD innovation and improved usability coming on-stream for engineers.

Any enquiries and well happily pass them on!

Keep in touch, let us know how it goes.


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