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trinckle - easy 3D printing for everyone

3D printing is just about to turn from a special purpose industry process to a popular technology with great use in everyday life.

The trinckle web service, consisting of 3D print service, 3D marketplace and a growing design community, brings the benefits of this development directly to your home. Our easy-to-use 3D print service with instant pricing allows you to perform direct ordering in a single session.

Our automatic checking for erroneous 3D model files prevents you from the troubles of posterior order cancellations in more than 90% of the times. You can choose between various materials, colors and 3D printing techniques. Our scaling tools allow for free size reconfiguration while helping you to comply with the technical limitations to maintain printability.

3D Printing Service

Our platform empowers professionals and beginners to bring their digital designs into real 3D products. Through trinckle 3D you get an easy and affordable way to print your designs in high-quality as we offer an excellent consultation service, use automated operations as well as industrial 3D printers.

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3D Printing Enterprise Solutions

Furthermore trinckle 3D creates web-based software solutions to support the preparation of 3D model files and to enable the creation of customized designs. Thanks to these software solutions and our expertise in providing fulfillment services we become high-tech partner for innovative companies which are about to enter the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

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