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Multi-Axis Machining

Automated CNC machining of parts with complex geometry, better surface finishes and reduced human interaction

CNC Machining from 4 up to 9 Axis

Multi-axis machining offers some serious capability advantages to SME Manufacturers. Multi-axis machines are capable of producing highly complicated components by moving the table (and work piece) as well as the machine tool. This combination provides the ability move in multiple axes, over and above the 3 (X,Y and Z) typical of conventional milling machines.

Multi-axis machining centres represent a significant capital investment for small manufacturing businesses. However their high throughput, ability to produce complex parts and high tolerance capability provide a sound return on investment. Importantly this enables the firm to bid for work it previously couldn't undertake.

Introduction to 5 axis cnc machine from Deepak Kumar

A good grounding in Computer Numerical Control (CNC), as well as multi-axis machining. Advantages and limitations are set out, together with other useful information to understand the fundamentals of this technology.

Power Of Five | Hurco IMTS 2012 from Hurco Companies, Inc.

A range of useful information including 5 axis versus 3 axis comparisons, work holding advice and practical programming tips. An informative slideshow provided by Hurco Companies Inc.

Breton Ultrix: A versatile integrated multi-axis milling, turning and grinding centre. Useful information is provided about tool specifications, speeds and feeds for different operations.

MachineWorks - Five-Axis Machining Simulation by ESPRIT. Simulation of tool paths for verification purposes. Use CAM simulations to ensure milling operations run according to plan and avoid expensive scrap and catastrophic machine bed clashes.

BobCAD-CAM 3D Tool Path Simulation: Short video showing roughing operations followed by finishing milling tool paths. The multi-axis cutter produces contours just as easily as simple geometry.

iMachining on OKUMA Mill Turn 9 Axis: Very impressive multi-axis machine capable of producing turned components with multiple complicated operations.

OneCNC simulation showing a multi-functioning machining example. The variety of milling operations on this turned component demonstrate the level of automated complexity multi-axis machining offers.

MDAPrecision demonstrating the high precision of their 5 Axis machining system. The speed and accuracy with which this geometrically complicated part is produced shows the capability offered by the technology.

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