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High Quality Coaching 

Developing Confidence and Ambition through Mentoring

Note: High Quality Coaching periodically quotes ideas and examples from the UK. However, the challenges and solutions are global. Importantly, the plan is deliberated customisable where local, regional and international equivalents can be included to provide answers for people, businesses and local economies wherever you are.

Accelerated Ambitions - High Quality Coaching...

The Problem...

High Quality Coaching [MORE DETAIL TO FOLLOW]

  • Confidence - so important to young people
  • Ambition - thinking big
  • Lack of Ambition
  • Tenacity, perseverance - vital for work and training
  • Coaching and Mentoring - knowing the difference
  • Customised approach is lacking - as in spot and entertainment
  • Art of the possible - contracting, freelancing, consultancy and entrepreneurship 
  • Positive thinking - well-being, social responsibility, anxiety/stress management and 

Accelerated Ambitions - High Quality Coaching...

The Solution...

High Quality Coaching (Confidence, Ambition & Work Ethic) [MORE DETAIL TO FOLLOW]

  • Open to ideas from pro coaches
  • Emphasis on personalised (could be tech enabled – skype) customised advice, 
  • Building confidence, confidence, confidence, confidence – so important with young people, any proven techniques that work.
  • Ambition, thinking big – inc goal setting and the tools to execute and get you there
  • Any proven method of gain, sustaining and building a work ethic 
  • Tenacity, perseverance 
  • Coach has a role to help stitching different aspects of the scheme together in guided decision assistance (employment-centric equivalent of academic Tutors at the best Unis) 
  • Potential for life skills modules / advice in there e.g. coping with stress, managing your personal finances and well-being 
  • May be scope to introduce them to ideas around enterprise and entrepreneurship – including intropeneurship, freelancing, constructing and running their own business some day
  • Enabling Enterprise (Tom Ravenscroft) for Schools – critical skills like... 

o   Listening

o   Presenting inc speaking clearly 

o   Problem solving

o   Presenting

o   Creativity

o   Aiming high

o   Leadership

o   Teamwork

o   Overcoming setbacks (+ career coaching AM, + career ebook)

[Page in progress.... more detail to follow]

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