Expert Manufacturing Advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. Small Manufacturers, Machine Shops and CAD Engineers improve and thrive with our hands-on help. Apprenticeship Levy Engineering Small Business Guide - Full Explanation: What it is, how it works and all you need to know to benefit your SME.

Apprenticeship Levy 

Engineering Small Business Guide - Clearly Explained

Apprenticeship Levy Engineering Small Business Guide:
What it is, how it works and all you need to know - all in one place.

Our Apprenticeship Levy engineering small business guide, will provide you with what you need to know to maximise the benefits for your SME. Here's a bit of background...

The UK government is committed to developing vocational skills, and to increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships. It has committed to an additional 3 million apprenticeship starts in England by 2020. The levy will help to deliver new apprenticeships and it will support quality training by putting employers at the centre of the system. Employers who are committed to training will be able to get back more than they put in by training sufficient numbers of apprentices. It's worth noting the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy has witnessed a corresponding interest in both Higher and Degree Apprenticeships. Benefits for small engineering businesses include...

  • The combination of the best parts of academic and vocational qualifications
  • The attraction of top technical talent, providing the skills your business needs
  • Related to the above, the latest high-tech skills can be gained to increase your competitiveness
  • The retention of existing valued employees, by investing in training and up-skilling
  • Raising staff morale and productivity due to all the above

Apprenticeship Levy Engineering Leadership and Management Skills Development

Apart from technical skills, it's worth noting many forward thinking small technology and engineering businesses are realising that investing in skills to professionalise leadership and management is vital to maximising their competitive advantage. As such, our apprenticeship levy engineering guide also emphasises how it is possible to invest in business, decision making and leadership skills development for your senior team, supervisory staff and aspiring managers too. 

Apprenticeship Levy 
Engineering Small Business Guide - in convenient bite-sized explanations...

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