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3D Printing is a Genuine Transformative Technology!


How do I believe, okay let me explain:
First of all, we should know about what is 3d printing?
3D printing or added substance manufacturing is a procedure of making three dimensional strong articles from a digital file. It is a new innovation that lets you make a physical item from an advanced model. You should simply make a plan, move the file to a 3D printer, then your object will look real.
3D printing allows you to deliver complex shapes utilizing less material than regular assembling techniques.
How it is Work?

A 3D printer basically works by expelling liquid plastic through a little nozzle that it moves around exactly under PC control. It prints one layer, hangs tight for it to dry, and after that it prints the following layer on top. The plastic from which models are printed is the most important.

There are few examples of 3d Printing. Such as,
1.Consumer products (eyewear, footwear, design, furniture)
2.Manufacturing tools,
3.Furniture Industries
4.Medical Science (dental products, orthopedic surgeon, forensic pathology)
6.Remarking fossils
7.Replicating ancient artefacts
8.Movie props

In short: it’s fast and relatively cheap. From thought, to 3D model to grasping a model involves days rather than weeks. Execution of 3d printing is simpler and less expensive to make and you don't require costly forms or instruments. With so much in mind, it is used in Automotive Industry, Medical Treatment purpose rapidly.

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Aug 04, 2021
3D Printing - Transformative Tech!
by: Mark

Thanks Sohom,

Your contribution and explanation adds some useful detail, with some beneficial examples of applications for those wishing to know more.

Agreed, it is a transformative technology, with sometimes the limitation actually being the creative mind of the user. Considering this, designers, creatives, students, as well as engineers in a wide variety of sectors may wish to consider 3D printing. New component development is the obvious thing, but also think about replacement, worn, damaged, cheaper, or disposable parts too.

For those less familiar with the technology, why not consider getting in contact and collaborating with an expert? - Be they a 3D printing business, local college/university or researcher - all of which are constantly on the look out for great projects. Start that conversation and see where it takes you!

All the best.

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